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Let me tell you about hoop skirts…

SapphireoblogAh, hoop skirts! The most old-timey garment for ladies besides corsets, these skirts are used to make dresses look larger and puffier. For this Halloween and for the next few con’s, me and my friend are going to be cos-playing as Ruby (me) and Sapphire (friend) from Steven Universe. If you have never watched this amazing show, DO IT NOW! It is fantastic and has a lot of deep meanings behind it’s alien spaceships and cat shaped ice cream sandwiches.

Anyway, even if you haven’t watched the show, simply look to the picture attached to this post and gaze upon the character, Sapphire. She is a beautiful, level headed, blue alien with one eye that can see into the future. As you can tell, she is awesome, so it’s obvious that we would want to cos play as her and her companion, Ruby. ¬†After looking at a TON of reference pictures, we decided that we would need to make a hoop skirt to go under her dress. This is easier said than done, and it took us weeks to figure out how to do it. In fact, it took us so long, that we finally finished it just a week before Halloween!

But warrior, you ask, how did you make the hoop skirt? Well I shall tell you. Before we get into the actual construction, let’s start with the materials.

We used 1 large hula hoop, one small hula hoop, hot glue, elastic, a sewing machine (duh), tape, many many pins, strips of white cloth, an old white bed sheet, dark blue fabric, and light blue fabric.

First, we took the small hula hoop and attached it to the larger hula hoop using the strips of fabric. We needed to make the hoops level, which took a lot of trial and error. After we finally got the hoops somewhat level we used tape to temporarily hold them in place(it was later replaced by hot glue). This created the “skeleton” of the skirt.

Then, we took an old white bed sheet and draped it over the “skeleton”. We put elastic around the top of it so that it would be held in place, and hot glued it to the hoops. This turned the skeleton into an actual, wearable, hoop skirt!

We finally put the dark fabric over the skirt, and used more elastic so that it did not fall off. Finally, we used the light blue fabric to make the sash and the skirt was done!

Phew! That skirt took so long to make, I really hope that I don’t have to make another any time soon!