Fandom HallowsGreetings humans, or whatever sort of being or species that happens to go onto this website. I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who and so much other stuff! I would feel embarrassed to list all that I am a fan of for you would believe that I do nothing useful with my free time.  I draw fan art daily, but won’t always post it because I am pretty busy. I am an introvert and love to write. The introvert thing is irrelevant, but the part about me loving to write contributes to why I run a blog in the first place!

In the future, I would like to go to the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and become an astronomer, an author, or a manga/comic artist. Going back to what I said earlier, even if I cannot tell you what I like, I can tell you what I dislike. I dislike football, reality shows, country music, gift shops,  and child beauty pageants. I am also a firm believer of being who you want to be, no matter what others say! If you are going through a problem, no matter what it is, just tell someone about it! Trust me, it will be better once you do. And if for some reason it doesn’t, tell someone else! I don’t care who you are , what you look like, or whatever! This blog is for anyone to enjoy! And if you are an alien, THAT IS AWESOME!

If you have made it this far through the about page, (which almost nobody does), I first want to say, wow you sure are devoted! Secondly, thanks.